Went to our spot last night. Haven’t been there in awhile. We were in the car making out and I see this car behind dropped off someone and left. I was like what in the world. Really? Out of all the places to go, they dropped him off here. So I kinda just watched him and my eyes went big O___O when he crossed the fence. I thought maybe he had a death wish. His friends came back for him and they told us he was drunk. My boyfriend told them that their friend jumped the fence so they all ran looking for him. Thank God he was just sitting at the edge looking at the view. 

I think we’re all made of dreams. Sometimes I find myself lost within my own thoughts, wishing for something out of the ordinary to happen. Since I was young I’ve been given the idea that dreaming is free. I was taught to dream big. Dream big because people who get in the habit of dreaming big will accomplish their goals from having the right mindset. I’m sure we’ve all played those silly pretend games of house, doctor, nurse, or firemen with our siblings and friends. Well, at least I know I have. Whenever adults asked us children what we wanted to be when we grow up, we’d always answer with proud smiles and say a doctor, a pilot, or perhaps even a president. I wanted to be a lawyer.

However, as we grew older, we realize that not all of us could become president, nurse, doctor. Reality has sunk in. Our way of thinking has changed. Maybe some dreams were meant to be just dreams. 

College applications stressed me out. I didn’t know what I wanted to be. Should I just pick something on the safe side? I thought to myself, Oh don’t worry, You’ll figure it out when you graduate. No, life doesn’t work that way. The only reason I ended up taking something was because it was practically spoon fed to me. I was told to be like this, to be like that. I am envious of those who have their lives all figured out and love what they do. 

I’m still made of dreams but as of now, my one goal in life is to be happy. No matter where life may take me, no matter what I end up doing, I want to be able to go to sleep at night knowing that I’m living my life to the fullest. I dream of starting my own clothing line and being in the fashion industry. I dream of my own apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I dream of traveling and taking lots of photos. I dream of rainy days where I do nothing but stay in bed all day.

Our dreams grow and change as we grow and change. There are dreams we let go of because they weren’t enough and others were just too much. But there is no crime in wanting what you want. After all, dreaming is free.